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About Us

Located along highway 16 in east central Saskatchewan the Quill Lakes region is bordered by many communities: Wynyard, Mozart, Elfros, Wadena, Quill Lake, Watson Dafoe to name a few.

Shopping locally helps to maintain these communities thru supporting local families and employees.

Shopping for needs locally is as easy as clicking a button or stepping into anyone of these businesses to check out their wares, to see a familiar face and great customer service as can only be found in small town atmosphere.


About Lorne Smith, Regional Manager,

Lorne Smith is an advocate for local business. Working in the retail sector for over 30 years, he has seen vast changes to business and the local market conditions. Over these 30 years, he has been on a pursuit to create an enhanced local shopping experience for everyone. Through his experiences, he believes in a complex mix of marketing tactics and customer service in order to attract customers. He believes in the importance of brand and competitive prices. He also knows that keeping up with new techniques in marketing and advertising are vital for success in our local markets. He is excited to be able to help local businesses provide all of these through the platform.

About Lisa Smith, Regional Manager,

Lisa Smith is the daughter of Lorne. She has over 10 years experience in the management and marketing industries. Currently, Lisa runs her own marketing firm, helping small businesses and nonprofits succeed through a mix of online and traditional tactics. Growing up in small town Wynyard, Lisa has personally seen the effects that shopping out of town have had on the local economy. Coming into the workplace on the cusp of social media, Lisa has a unique view on how online promotion can revitalize local economies. Lisa’s passion is helping the community grow through shopping locally.   


What You Can Do

There are several easy steps you can take to help us build up the community and support local businesses:

  1. Use as often as possible to learn what's available locally.

  2. Make informed purchases and consider the total impact of your spending, not just the price you pay.

  3. Encourage great local business owners to keep going by posting reviews on their profile pages.

  4. Buy our local gift certificates instead of plastic gift cards from big box stores.

  5. Frequent locally-owned restaurants instead of the national chains.

We can always use more help spreading the word, and we greatly appreciate those who help convey the message by putting up signs and stickers or linking to us online.

Feel free to use the comments below to let us know about things you're doing to spread the word about shopping locally or to make the quill lakes area a stronger, locally respected community..


Lorne Smith - Regional Manager

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306-554-2589 | Phone



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